Ethics Village
In The Hopes Of Fostering A Better Understanding Of The Ethical Questions We Face As A Community
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Ethics Village at DEFCON

The DEFCON Ethics Village, is a ethics conference focused on the fostering a discussion about ethics in the security domain. The discussion on ethics in the security domain has been present since its inception however, we want to foster a greater discussion on ethics across all security domains. We want to celebrate the mistakes and grow as a community.

We want to learn what ethical situations arise for security professionals. We want to learn how security professionals handle these situations. We want to know about times you stood up to your boss because of your ethical beliefs to when you did something completely unethical and possibly broke the law.



Legal Workshop

11:00 AM - Keynote: A Rant On Ethical Disclosure
1:00 PM - Law Professor Round Robin
2:00 PM - Coffee Talk With Anthony Ferrante
3:00 PM - Coffee Talk With Dr. Suzanne Schwartz
4:00 PM - Coffee Talk With Joshua Steinman
5:00 PM - Coffee Talk With Erie Meyer


10:00 AM - Void If Removed: Securing Our Right To Repair
12:00 PM - Is It Ethical To Work On Autonomous Weapon Systems?
2:00 PM - Ethical Issues In Cyber Attribution
4:00 PM - National Collegiate Penetration Testing Competition & Ethical Challenges


10:00 AM - Who's Tracking Your Body? Health Apps And Your Privacy
12:00 PM - Ethics Training Workshop


At DEFCON, we hope to host talks, discussions, demos and panels on the role of ethics in various security domains (e.g., vulnerability disclosure, incident response, digital forensics, security education, smart cars, IoT) and related topics. We intend to invite presentations from speakers with a wide variety of backgrounds in order to receive diverse perspectives. The goal of this village is to initiate a conversation among the security community in the hopes that it will foster a better understanding of the ethical questions we face as a community.

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If you are interested in meeting with us at DEFCON or would like to submit a proposal for a talk, presentation or discussion panel, please send a detailed proposal to