Ethics Village
In The Hopes Of Fostering A Better Understanding Of The Ethical Questions We Face As A Community



11:00 AM - Keynote: A Rant On Ethical Disclosure

1:00 PM - Law Professor Round Robin

2:00 PM - Coffee Talk With Anthony Ferrante

3:00 PM - Coffee Talk With Dr. Suzanne Schwartz

4:00 PM - Coffee Talk With Joshua Steinman
5:00 PM - Coffee Talk With Erie Meyer


10:00 AM - Void If Removed: Securing Our Right To Repair

12:00 PM - Is It Ethical To Work On Autonomous Weapon Systems?

2:00 PM - Ethical Issues In Cyber Attribution

4:00 PM - National Collegiate Penetration Testing Competition & Ethical Challenges


10:00 AM - Who's Tracking Your Body? Health Apps And Your Privacy

12:00 PM - Ethics Training Workshop